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Did anybody ask Microsoft why only NAV partners have to pay for Addons they develop? I have not heard that AX, GP or SL has such charges. Especially now when they will charge even if we not sell anything.

I clearly remember when Mr. Tarakanov promised that all products will be equally treated. This looks like discrimination of NAV channel. At the end a lot of IP will be lost with transfer to 2013+... We had about 20 addons and with all requirements that has to be fulfilled we resided to certify only one. Now i wonder maybe they had to announce this much earlier then we would develop in AX and do not waste our effort for 20 addons 5 years ago. I think it is very wrong what Microsoft have done. They should as minimum allow us resell our addons what we developed already and spend our time.

Would like to know if somebody discuss it with Microsoft and what is there position on this? How such decision was made?
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  • Marije_BrummelMarije_Brummel OlstMember, Moderators Design Patterns Posts: 4,262
    I think the problem is the definition of an add-on.

    Most add-ons never leave the ecosystem of their creators. Many parthers made 20 add-ons and just sold them to their own customers. This ended up in a huge animal of add-ons who are not really add-ons in the sense that Navision A/S orriginally envisioned them.

    If you sell your add-on outside of your company, your can still have 20 and make good money. If you only use add-on internally you will most likely not meet the sales requirements.

    From that perspective I think it makes sense.
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    Why AX, GL, SL partner can make as many addons as they want and sell them for any money and do not need to pay Microsoft anything?

    We need to pay even if we don't sell them? Just because we want have addon we should pay Microsoft. Now we are in very bad position in comparison to AX partner. If we want try to penetrate "rental" market and plan to get first 10 clients in 3 years we can not do it and AX partner can. Why? We just completely cut off from any investment to IP. Unless you had successful addon before 2013 you done. You cant go for new markets. This is killing channel - dot you think? And where all this promises that NAV and AX will have the same pricing and will not compete based on price only. Do you think this is OK?

    I maybe wrong and i admit this. I just what understand how this rules help NAV channel. hat what the thinking behind it. And how it relate to Microsoft Promises that all products will be in equal position.
    Valentin Gvozdev
    Adaptive Business Solutions
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    Sadly there is no way that the products are being treated equally. No matter how many times we hear the stories of equality, Microsoft make if as difficult as possible to sell Navision against Axapta. Price wise AX will always be cheaper.
    David Singleton
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