Deadlock resolution on NAV 2013

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Hi All,

Our client is using NAV 2013 and experiencing deadlocks.

We have been able to reproduce the issue with 7 users doing the same activity. The issue was resolved by putting an explicit lock on one table. However when the changes were deployed on Prod, it backfired as the other activities were not having the same locking sequence.

Now we are working on breaking a big transaction into smaller one so that we can reduce the transaction time and deadlocks.

I am still worried that this will not resolve the issue entirely unless we correct the Table Locking Order.

Until version 2009 R2, we had Client Monitor in classic client and there was a "Database Resource Toolkit" available which was very useful to identify the locking order. I am unable to find any tool in 2013 which can tell me the transactions in an activity and the Table locking order for all the tables involved in the transaction.

I was hoping if somebody can help me with the approach to resolve deadlock in version NAV 2013.

Mukesh Verma


  • bbrownbbrown Member Posts: 3,268
    This tool my help you out. There is also SQL Profiler.
    There are no bugs - only undocumented features.
  • pdjpdj Member Posts: 643
    The NavAppProfiler doesn't work with NAV2013 as it requires NAV2013R2.
    I doubt it would give you much information about locking order either.

    I think you will need to search for Microsoft SQL tools and methods, and just consider NAV as any other application using SQL.
    The SQL Profiler is my weapon of choice, but there might be better SQL tools out there giving information about the locking order.
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