No Of Locks, No_Of_Blocks - Understand the values

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Hi guys
Hi gys I run the SQL script from Styrk and I got this values regarding locks and blocks:

JobQueueEntry (No Of Locks:653485 No Of Blocks:544 and Block Wait Time:20715)
Sales Line$VSFIT$23 (No Of Locks:36564No Of Blocks:29 and Block Wait Time:82898)
Sales Line$VSFIT$38 (No Of Locks:71592 No Of Blocks:17 and Block Wait Time:43974)
Sales Line$VSFIT$18 (No Of Locks:179848 No Of Blocks:15 and Block Wait Time:27847)
Sales Line$VSFIT$15 (No Of Locks:1695017 No Of Blocks:5 and Block Wait Time:8596)
CustomizedTable$ (No Of Locks:671438910 No Of Blocks:3 and Block Wait Time:4634)

1st Question:
How can I identify the VSFIT$(Number)?
SQL - Database - Table - Indexes?

2nd Question
What are the values that I should concern? There is any reference?

Thanks for your help!


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    All $VSFIT$s are views. If I see these in Stryk's locklist I will create a new index in this view and use all sum and countfields in "include" statement, this vill Speed up your system :) Tips: Read J Stryk's book.
    Christer in Stockholm, Sweden
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