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All - I need help with a small task. Can someone help me with instructions on how to create a table and add that as a field on the sales quote page?

NAV 2009 R2 Version

Table is called "Quoted by"
Simple table
two columns
1. Code - Max 20 characters, only alpha
2. Description - Max 60 characters, only alpha

Add this table as a field that a user will select from a drop down on the sales quote page. Then I want to also add this field to the "sales quote archive" page as well. Basically the data inputted in the new field will follow through to the sales quote archive.



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    Hi, main steps:
    - Open Object Designer, click on "Table" and then "New"
    - In the first line insert field no. = 10, Field Name = "Code", Data Type = "Code", Length = 20
    - In the second line insert field no. = 20, Field Name = "Description", Data Type = "Text", Length = 60
    - Move on a blank line and with the menu View -> Properties set ID = 50000 and Name = "Quoted By"
    - Save the object
    - Open table 36 Sales Header, move on a blank line and insert a new field with field no. = 50000, Field Name = "Quoted By", Data Type = "Code", Length = 20; open the properties and set TableRelation = "Quoted by"
    - Save the object and do the same for table 5107 Sales Header Archive
    - Open Page 41 Sales Quote in design and a new line in desired tab; set Type = Field, SourceExpr = "Quoted by"
    - Do the same for page 5162 Sales Quote Archive

    Should be all (if I didn't forget anything): please take in consideration that it's not possible to create new tables with Cronus demo license.

    PS: this thread should have been open in "NAV Three Tier" section.
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    Thank you soo much! Sorry about posting to the wrong thread. I will make a note of it next time.

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