SQL2012 and iSCSI or Fusion IO

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i do not know if this is the correct forum but i hope.
We are a company with about 400 employees and want to upgrade from NAV2009 (technical - only Classic Client ) to NAV 2013.
We have a database about 350 GB.
Now we are testing new funktions and have two systems for this. A VM-Ware system with iSCSI Storage that is really
slow and a Fusion IO System, also with VM-Ware that is really fast.
Now if we ask the Hardware guys, they say the programing is not good and that makes the system slow, and if we ask the
Software guys the say the hardware is to slow.
How do we have to go on, to make the right choice for the hardware, that it is not oversized. But we also do not want to
pay with hardware for not good programing.

Would be nice if any one has experience on this. I only find topics with older versions.



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