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Trying to teach my users how to read and understand error messages and for that you often need to be able to find the Line No. The example I used to show them how to find the Line No I took from the Recurring Journal where they use the "About this page" (CTRL + ALT + F1) - this they understood and it worked.
Now they got an error message in a Purchase Invoice and I told them to try and figure out the error message themselves but they couldn't find the Line No. I went over and had a look myself because I didn't believe them but I can't see the Line No in here either. I made sure I was on the lines when going to "About this page" but nothing comes up - no Line no.
Has anybody else experienced this problem? And if - have you solved it :)
Where can I find the Line No for lines in the Purchase Invoice?
It's a 2009 / US version.


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    When I open the "About this Page: Lines" from the Purchase Invoice, it brings me to the Purch. Invoice Subform (55) Page. If you open the Table Fields FastTab it should be the 3rd field, Line No. (4)(PK)
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    Hmm... are you in the Role Tailored Client when doing that? The cursor is on the fasttab for Lines but when I choose the "About this page" it gives me the info on the header and not the lines. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong or missing...
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    Ok issue solved... I was going via the menu and not using the shortcut. However - if I use the shortcut it works. So it's as if the system thinks you're on the header the minute you go via the menu. Very strange - but now it's working.
    Lesson learned: always use shortcuts :)
    Thanks for input
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    glad I could help.
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    Ok thought this issue was solved... it works on my own computer (both with Citrix and normally) which has a Danish keyboard. The users who has the problem are Canadians. I've tried to change the language of my own keyboard to US to see if I then get the problem but it hasn't changed a thing.
    Any ideas as to why the shortcut CTRL + ALT + F1 doesn't work on the Canadian computers when it works on my Danish?
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