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Running the Role Tailored Client and I've got a user who gets an error message when doing the G/L Balance by Dimension under Chart of accounts => Related Information => Balance.
Whenever she presses the G/L Balance by Dimension she gets the following error message:

'01//' is not a valid date.

There are no visible filters set but by the looks of it, it seems that there's a filter somewhere in the background. She's the only one getting this message and if we do the G/L Balance by Dimension via the Classic Client it works fine. We've tried to compile the page but it didn't change a thing.
Any suggestions as to what can be the issue?


  • BardurKnudsenBardurKnudsen Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 137
    Have you tried to modify the page (408) and set the property SaveValues = No. ? Maybe some strange value has sneaked into the page in some filter field and is now saved and always retrieved when the page is (re-)opened.
    The RTC is different from C/SIDE in the sense that it does not help to re-compile the page; the values that used to be saved in the zup-file are now stored per user in the database.
    Bardur Knudsen
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    Hi Bardur,
    Thanks for guiding us in the right direction!
    We changed the value to "No" and this did the trick. Then we changed the value back to "Yes" and tried to log in and out again and load the G/L Balance by Dimension again but then we got the exact same error again. Back to scratch... However - we then used the help function on "SaveValues" and this guided us in direction of "Page Data Personalization" (table no. 2000000080).
    Here we filtered on "Page" and "408" and found the settings for the user with the problem. We deleted this line with her settings and problem is now solved.
    Thanks a lot for your input Bardur - much appreciated!
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