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In the standard RTC, go to Departments -> Financial Management -> Cash Management -> Lists -> Bank Accounts, a List Page (refer attachment). Under the "Actions", whenever I click "View", it will pop-up "Bank Accounts Card".

I simulated the above, in the Classic Client I created XXX Table, XXX ListForm, and XXX CardForm, and then transformed them into Pages, called the XXX ListForm in the RTC Navigation just like Bank Account List.

The problem is when I clicked "View" under the "Actions", it linked to XXX ListForm instead of XXX CardForm #-o , the behaviour is different from Bank Account. If I like to call up my XXX CardForm, I have to go to "Related Information".

How could I make mine one having the same behaviour as Bank Account? I have checked through everything but have no clue? :( Please help .


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    What did you change to the TIF files (using the TIF Tool)? Here you have to setup a link between card and list form so that the transfomration tools knows that they belong together and setup things 'the standard way', i.e. what you are asking for.
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    You are right, Luc van Vugt, my bad. Thank you.
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