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i have just created a practice page in nav 2009 which i "hooked up" on to the Order Processor Role Center Page as an action. now in Role Tailored Client when i try to execute the action i get the following error:
No execute permission on object number:(then my object number) of type page.


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    are you logged in as supper use? If yes, then you need to update your license.
    If no, then check your permission.
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  • igimanigiigimanigi Member Posts: 10
    someone just told be to try saving the page object with a different id(in the order of 50000) and it worked.i still dont see the logic in that because i was following a tutorial that had asked me to save it with an id of 123456702. but i dont get the error anymore.
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    NAV licensing goes by granule number, and by implication object numbers. The object number that you use to save a new object must be included in the license that you are using, or else you get a permission error. Obviously, you don't have permission to create a page with number 123456702, and number 50000 is no problem. It's all a matter of licensing.
  • igimanigiigimanigi Member Posts: 10
    i have been taught. it makes a lot of sense now. thanks a lot.
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