RTC page crash / the query parameter is not supported.

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I have a couple of forms that I have transformed to paged using the transformation tool. They transform with no errors however when used in the RTC they will crash the client with no error message [-X

One of these is a fairly simple page and I see it flash up on the screen briefly before it crashes and everything looks ok.

The other is a wizard type form that crashes the RTC when I hit the next button.

In both case if I run the forms from the command line using:


the I get an error message 'The query parameter is not supported'.

Any ideas greatly received.


  • apankoapanko Member Posts: 70
    RCT cannot show forms. That's why pages are implemented.

    You should run page, not form: DynamicsNAV:////runpage?page=60041
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,280
    Actually RTC is able to show forms, although I don't know if there is a command line for it. There's a post about matrix forms that explains how to do it.
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    Thanks for the reponses guys.

    Firstly an apology 'The query parameter...' error was because I had typed 'form' instead of 'page' in the run command. It's been a long day :whistle:

    So that piece of information was misleading. However I am still getting the crashes in the RTC with these couple of forms.

    The simple form crashes if I run it in the 'new record mode' but is OK otherwise. This one really has me stumped because there is no code behind it, and only a small number of fields. Now I'm not too worried by this one as I can easily 'hand create' the page and it works fine (although I would like to understand what the problem is caused by in the transformation tool).

    Of more concern it the wizard pages as I can't get these to form. The first page displays fine but then the crash the RTC when you hit the next button. I've compared the properties and code with one of the standard wizards (create interaction) and I can't see anything different.

    What really concerns me is the ease some error in the page will cause the RTC to completely crash with no error message and the fact this makes it almost impossible to track the problem down.
  • AntHillMobAntHillMob Member Posts: 79
    Solved this - the crash was caused by code that sets the page caption. If you try this on a page and then select 'New it cuases the RTC to crash (Error handling at it best [-X )
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