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I've implemented a codeunit which writes a file to disk.

This codeunit is run in the OnRun() method of the codeunit 20 times. When run like this it takes next to no time to run.
However, when I execute it using Webservices 20 times from C# Application then it takes around 5 seconds.

Any ideas where this overhead is coming from?


  • ajhvdbajhvdb Posts: 672Member
    How much time does it take for the webservice to respond?
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    Cold test or warm up done before test? Do not forgot that first call can take too much time because the cache and other overhead...
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    Webservices engine is running over .NET (WCF, etc) technology. In those technologies the first 10 calls or something will slower because .NET engines needs some “warm up”. Then it complies the code internally, etc. (You could about .NET engine optimization)
    Web services it will always be slower than other technology. WS have many XML parsing and validations so it will be always slower then reading directly from database.
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