Interpretation of "Production Order - Shortage List" report

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I am trying to understand the "Prod Order - Shortage List" report. In particular the data shown in the last columns. I have tried to match the data for various items on the report by comparing the report to the associated items cards and prod orders without success.

Please can someone explain how these columns are calculated / using what data.

Remaining Qty. (Base)
Quantity on Hand
Qty. Other
Qty. on Hand after Production
Scheduled Need
Qty. on Purch. Order
Needed Quantity

Also, if there are 2 production orders requiring the same item but there is only 1 on hand how does Nav decide which order will take the stock and which order will show a shortage when you generate this report.


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    Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 528
    Remaining Qty = (Quantity - Finished Qty) on the purchase order line.
    Quantity on Hand = Inventory - Reserved Qty. on Inventory
    Qty. on Hand after Production = Inventory - (Remaining Qty of prod+ Reserved Qty on prod).
    Scheduled Need = Remaining Qty of item on production component
    Needed Qty = Scheduled Need (Qty.) +( "Qty. on Sales Order" - "Qty. on Purch. Order" -"Scheduled Receipt (Qty.)" - nventory;
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