Copy document problem

Hi everyone, I'm trying to copy a document (sales shipment document) but I'm always the error "The sales shipment line does not exist. Document no x, line no 10000"

After a little debug I found that in Item Ledger Entry table, this document have the document type "Sales Shipment". if i change this to "Sales Invoice" the error don't appear.
With the debugger the error occurs in this line:
Codeunit CopyDocument

function GetAsmDataFromSalesInvLine , line   SalesShipmentLine.GET(ItemLedgerEntry."Document No.",ItemLedgerEntry."Document Line No.");


  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 578
    Sales Invoice type should not be in Item Ledger Entry table. It should be in Value Entry table.
    What you have changed in Item Ledger Entry? Shipment Line really exists?
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