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emanuelemanuel Member Posts: 22
Hi all,

We have Navi 4.0 on SQL database using Database authentication. When we try to add new users to the system, we do the following steps:

1) Add new login to SQL server with no associated rights
2) Add new database user and assign user roles in Navision
3) Call Synchronize function

The problem is the function Synchronize times out. There is a SQL Server message with LOCK problems. It works fine when no user is in database (except sa). It doesn't work when users are logged in.

In the documentation, it is said the changes in roles are synchronized with SQL server automatically, but it desn't work this way. Without step 3), newly added user cannot access Navision.

Does anyone experience the same behavior? Does it mean changes in users and roles can be done during night hours only?



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