NAV 5.0 connecting to Exchange Server 2016

rryesrryes Posts: 1Member

My client is using NAV 5.0 and they have recently updated to Exchange Server 2016. Now the client is facing issue with connecting to Outlook with the following error:

"The call to member GetDefaultFolder failed. Redemption.RDOSession returned the following message:
Error in IMAPISession::OpenMsgStore: MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED
Make sure your code runs under the Windows user identity"

However upon checking the following link, it says there that MAPI is discontinued and replaced by EWS (Exchange Web Service).

I am thinking of creating Automation control to connect to EWS but I would like to see if some of you have experienced with this issue.

Is there an available Automation or Component that can be used for EWS?

Please enlighten me and thank you in advance.
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