GDT Where Used PLUS

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GDT Where Used PLUS
GDT Where Used PLUS is a professional code analyzing tool with limited version management capabilities.


shows where Objects, Functions and Fields are used, like its predecessor GDT Where Used.
can be used with multiple users on the network with the same data.
supports multiple projects (In this context, project means the objects of a customer database.)
supports multiple versions. You can import as many versions to a project as you like.
Object compare. Choose an object and see the differences in a text comparison tool of your choice.
CodeGuard. Analyze two versions. CodeGuard will check all objects and verify based on the source comments that your code is preserved.
(In case someone doesn't merge objects correctly or you simply want to see all changes made to keep up to date.)
Syntax coloring
Function View. You can expand a function of another object directly in the code viewer.

GDT Where Used PLUS is an external program. Objects can be imported through Finsql form Nav or simply as object text import.
There is no link back, your objects in Nav will never be touched.


Selecting projects, versions as well as where used functionality cost no time.
GDT Where Used PLUS needs time once to analyze objects (usually ~1 min) via text import. Additional time is required if you use Finsql.
Object compare function needs time to start the text comparison tool.
The time CodeGuard needs depends on the number of changed objects.

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    Free Beta License available until 12.02.2017
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    Works with NAV 5, NAV2009, NAV2013, NAV2015, NAV2016
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    Please note: CodeGuard function is only visible if a project has at least two versions. :)
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    GDT Where Used PLUS
    Update to

    fixed Error: Analyzer says finished ahead of schedule
    Crash of the analyzer in the definition phase are now also logged in the error log
    Checklist for new users in GDTWhereUsedPlus
    Text enhancements

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    We say thank you, for all the positive feedback.
    For those who registerd with us in the beta Testphase, we expanded your License for 60 days.
    Also New: Free Test License for 60 days

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    GDT Where Used PLUS
    Update to

    fixed: possible Crash on start up
    new Option: Disable Finsql.exe detection
    note for Version manually update due to an error in the automatic update

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