Navision Classic User & Permission related Queries

dipakpatel2505dipakpatel2505 Member Posts: 169
Hello All,

I have following problem related to Users roles and permission.

As shown in snapshot 1, For Table 113 "Sales Invoice Line", I have assigned different security filter for different role and shown roles are assigned to User.

Standard User roles and permission manual says that It will sum of all the permissions specified for all the roles the user has been assigned. So, It should only allow me to post Sales Order (Ship and Invoice) i.e. Insert "Sales Invoice Line" when "Location Code" <> '' and "Line Discount" > 12.

But, It does not work and when I post sales order with Ship and Invoice option, It get posted without any error as shown in snapshot 2.

Could anyone please explain in more details ? How can I achieve security filter conditions on different fields ?

Any help is apprciated.


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    evandeveerdonkevandeveerdonk Member Posts: 49

    when security does not work on that level, try to extend the user setup.
    Customers tend to like that better since it is visible in one screen (form/page) what the different settings are for the different users, and it's easier accessible

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    dipakpatel2505dipakpatel2505 Member Posts: 169

    I am not add everything to User setup. Here, Scenario is that Customer is upgraded from Nav 4.0 SP3 to Nav 2015. Now they want Security Filter to work same way as it was working old version.

    There is customize set of permission that I have setup in both databases Nav 4.0 and Nav 2015. It works in Nav 4.0 but it does not work with same permission set in Nav 2015.

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