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kokfoofoongkokfoofoong Member Posts: 9
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i am using Nav 4.0
In my inventory setup, my "automatic cost adjustment" choose as "Always"
but sometime the "Cost is adjusted" check box (which under item card > invoicing tab) will unchecked automatically.

My questions:
1. in what kind of situation, the check box will unchecked itself automatically?


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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    Explained here nicely:
    http://navisionary.com/2011/12/cost-is- ... tem-table/
    Basically, if “Cost is Adjusted” has a check mark, it means that “Adjust Cost – Item Entries” has been executed recently. If “Cost is Adjusted” field does not have a check mark, it doesn’t mean, that cost for item has never been adjusted. Instead, it means, that there are some new entries, that will need to be adjusted.
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    kokfoofoongkokfoofoong Member Posts: 9
    thank for your reply.

    but it still cannot explain in what situation the check box(cost is adjusted in item card) will uncheck itself automatically.

    because i already select "always" for automatic cost adjustment and automatic cost posting=Yes in inventory setup.
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    bbrownbbrown Member Posts: 3,268
    Because it has been involved in a cost change situation that "automatic cost adjustment" does not handle. Even with "automatic cost adjustment", you still need to run a periodic adjust cost.

    My question to you is why are you using "automatic cost adjustment"? Do you see the benefits justifying the cost? As in the extended posting times, and related blocking of other users.
    There are no bugs - only undocumented features.
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