Build Bigtext and pass through to OSendMail."To" := ToName;

darrylhdarrylh Member Posts: 3
Hi guys,

I'm trying to get NAV to go through a list of members, build up a list of email addresses with a ';' between each entry and then to create an Outlook Mail and pass the bigtext through to the .To or .CC or .BCC option.

I have tried several difference senarios, from writing the email to a text file, reading the textfile, but NAV bombs out with unknown error.

Right now I have the user creating the email manually, and then opening the text file, copy paste into the BCC section.
Just trying to make NAV do all the work.

Any ideas or suggestions?



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    ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256
    there is 1024 character limit on sending string to automation. Use cu 400 that has AddRecipients so you can add the email each one separately.
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    darrylhdarrylh Member Posts: 3
    Thanks, but that is for automated SMTP email.
    I'm looking for one that will open the email up for the user to type something custom in the body of the email and send.
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