when click on "Post" Document No G00004 is out of balance

saju007saju007 Member Posts: 7
I written on web page service for insert value to “General Journal Line” table. I facing one issue is that “Document No” not generating sequence. I assigned the “account no” is 8720. Page code is 39.When I try to post in NAV message appears and info that “Document No G00004 is out of balance ..Please check that posting date,DocumentType,DocumentNo and Amount are correct for each line"


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    vremeni4vremeni4 Member Posts: 323

    The problem is that you do not follow the rules of "Double-entry bookkeeping" accounting.
    I know that most technical guys do not know about it, but I think every NAV developer need to know a bit more about accounting.
    More info can be found here
    In a nutshell, you are moving money from the account 8720 but you did not tell NAV where do you move the money to.
    If you credit (debit) the account 8720 you have to select what other account will be debited (credited).
    You can do this in two ways,
    1. You can populate the fields "Bal. Account Type" and "Bal. Account No" for that line.
    2. You can create a second line with the opposite amount in the amount field.

    I hope this helps.
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