Mismatch between Purchase Invoice & G/L, Value Entries

MindaugasMindaugas Member Posts: 8
Hello colleagues,

Could you help me in the following case?
Accidentally I found out that Unit Cost of Item X = 0. I checked the posted purchase invoice by using Navigate function. Everything was correct - Quantity and Direct Unit Cost > 0.
However, in the same Navigate window I checked G/L Entries - all of the items from the invoice were entered except Item X. Not surprisingly, Value Entry showed that Item X was invoiced, the quantity was correct, but Direct Cost = 0, Cost Amount = 0.
The result is that we purchased goods for free even though it was not the case.

What I know is that there were two shipments from that invoice, but I guess this does not change anything.
How it comes that the program did not register the cost value of goods for that certain Item X from invoice in the G/L and Value Entries?

Thank you in advance!

NAV Ver. 2009 R2
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