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LambaLamba Member Posts: 260
What is the relation between the item and location filter, means if i have to apply setrange of location of item list form?


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    mohana_cse06mohana_cse06 Member Posts: 5,503
    This field displays the filter that filters by location.

    If the field contains a location code, the values in the fields that contain quantities are based only on entries with the location code that is included in the filter.
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    LambaLamba Member Posts: 260
    The actual question was what is the relation between item table and location table, if we want to apply a setrange of Location
    on item list form. so common fields can be there.
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    lavanyaballurgilavanyaballurgi Member Posts: 235
    well I cant see anything which you can use as setrange filter.
    ITEM table is linked with ITEM LEDGER ENTRY and that is linked with LOCATION table.
    only INVENTORY field (calcfield) in ITEM table is linked with location like this -

    Item No.=FIELD(No.),Global Dimension 1 Code=FIELD(Global Dimension 1 Filter),Global Dimension 2 Code=FIELD(Global Dimension 2 Filter),Location Code=FIELD(Location Filter),Drop Shipment=FIELD(Drop Shipment Filter),Variant Code=FIELD(Variant Filter),Lot No.=FIELD(Lot No. Filter),Serial No.=FIELD(Serial No. Filter)
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