Bank Reconciliation - suggest line start date & end date

nikeman77nikeman77 Member Posts: 517
hi all,

during bank reconciliation, when we use the features functions> suggest lines, normally we input the start date and end date
similar to bank statement starting date & ending date, so that navision able to extract out the ledger entries( bank, check) posted during this period for reconciling.

however, will there be cases by suggest lines start date, end date NOT similar to statement starting date & ending date?


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    kitikkitik Member Posts: 230
    The idea of bank reconcilation is to ensure that NAV has the same entries as the bank statement and therefore the same balance at a given date. So I can't think of any case where dates are not similar.

    The only ocasion would be when you start to use the Bank Reconcilation feature for the first time, but you have used NAV for a while. You will have to post a first Statement containing all old bank entries.

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    KWevickKWevick Member Posts: 103
    You do not need to enter anything here, unless you have old checks that were never reconciled. Suggest Lines will select everything through your bank rec date.
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