Quanity 0, but qty base >0 in warehouse entry

alokagrawal1909alokagrawal1909 Member Posts: 19
Hi Experts,

I am using Nav 2009 SP1 and I am facing a wiered problem in Warehouse Entries, quantity is posted ZERO but Qty. (base) is 0.00001. Here is the scenario:

For one of the transfer order from Production Location (Normal Location without warehouse handling) to Storage location (Using advance warehouseing with Direct put away & Pick)
for 1 item 6 quantities.

Storage location has a receive bin , a Storage Bin & an ADJUSTMENT BIN.

after doing warehouse receive in storage location, user has created a put away for these 6 items, in the put away document user has splitted quantity into two lines for quantity 4 & 2.
now after poting this warehouse put away system has creted 6 warehouse Entries,

2 entries with -4 & -2 quantity for RECEIVE Bin
2 Entries with 4 & 2 quantity for STORAGE Bin
additional entries for
1 entry with Quantity=0, Qty. (Base) = -0.00001 for RECEIVE Bin
1 entry with Quantity=0, Qty. (Base) = 0.00001 for ADJUSTMENT Bin

My problem is because of this extra entries posted with 0 qty and 0.0001 qty. while running
Calculate Whse. Adjustment Batch Job system is using Quantity field in warehouse entry table to calculate quantity in Item Journal, and Qty. ( Base) to calculate quantiy in respective item tracking lines, and because of this additional entry there is a diffrence of .00001 and system is not allowing to post the item journal, neither it is alowing to change the quantity calcualted by batch job. [-X

I am tring to replicate the scenario in test server, but if any one has any idea about this.. please help..[-o<


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    alokagrawal1909alokagrawal1909 Member Posts: 19
    No replies.. I hope the problem description i have written is clear and understandable..

    actually i need help to understand what could be scenario.. why system has posted an entry with Qty as zero but Qty Base >0..
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    rhpntrhpnt Member Posts: 688
    I really doubt that those two "additional" lines were created as the result of the put away registering. They must have been created with a Warehouse Journal. Check the "Warehouse Doc. Type" and "Warehouse Doc. No." fields in the Whse Entry table.
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    alokagrawal1909alokagrawal1909 Member Posts: 19
    Hi rhpnt,

    Thanks for reply.. Entry Type & Source code fileds in warehouse entry says that all 6
    entries are created from warehouse movement, also all 6 entries are posted in same warehouse register.. I attached the field values from warehouse entry fro more information,
    1 point i notice is that entries for 4 & 2 quantities are generated showing movement from receive bin to common storage bin, but the entry for zero quantity is showing movement from Receice to ADJUSTMENT BIN.. :-k
    pic.JPG 175.3K
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    rhpntrhpnt Member Posts: 688
    Something like this never happens by itself. Maybe the user who split the lines also played around with quantities and bins (if you ask him sure he's never done anything wrong). So, to correct this issue I would check the inventory for the item on that location and compare that to the items bin contents (check also the item ledger entries for similar anomalies). If those numbers are equal then I would say that those two warehouse entries are safe to delete. No warranties though!
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