Error 701, "42000", [Microsoft]{ODBC SQL Driver][S

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Not enough system memory available to execute this query.

I want to copy one company to 40 the same companies in one database (for educational use). First I backup company 1. Then I rename company 1 to company 2. I restore the backup of company 1. I rename (the new) company 1 to company 3. And so on till I have 5 companies, then I backup these 5, rename the existing 5 to 6-10 and restore the backup of 5. Then I make a backup 0f 10 and aftre that also of 20. At last I have 40 companies.

When restoring the backup of 1-20 in the database where I already have 21-40 I keep getting the error above. I've tried twice to restore the backup.

Can anybody explain this error and do you know the reason and solution?
Thanks for your help.

Hans van der Hoeven


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