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hartlmhartlm Member Posts: 3

I'm new here at mibuso.com and I'm also a Navision-Newbie.
Nevertheless, I want to program kind of a report administration tool.

The aim is, to have an administration tool, which is able to manage report id's. For each report id, there should be the possibility to define filter fields and corresponding filter values.

Therefore you have to define first the table and finally the field you want to filter.

So the table could look like this

Report ID | Table ID | Field ID | Filter Value

So far everythings great.

No I need a batch-job, which start me all the defined reports with the appropriate filters.
And now the problem, I have to start a VARIABLE defined report and have to filter on DIFFERENT VARIABLE defined fields in DIFFERENT tables.

That's a little bit to much freakshow for me:)

To make a long story short...has anyone tried anything like this and can help me with that problem? Or better, according to my requirements, is there a similiar report administration tool already available?

Much thanks in advance.

Greetz Michael


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    lubostlubost Member Posts: 617
    Your first plan is possible only if all reports be cooperative or you only use the filterfields from report main table. But it is a lot of programming because you have to define record variable for each report, apply needed filters and then call report.
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    hartlmhartlm Member Posts: 3
    What do you mean with "only if all reports be cooperative"?

    I thought as much, that it is not possible to use filterfields from two different tables.
    Therefore you have to let run a report after two SETTABLEVIEW's. And that's probably (I don't know) not allowed.
    You know what I mean?

    However, the standard of navision also has to handle this. For this reason there must be a possibility to solve that problem.

    Nevertheless, for sure it's a lot of programming....that's why I asked for a similiar finished tool:)

    Thanks a lot
    greetz Michael
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    lubostlubost Member Posts: 617
    You can't set more then one tableviews, so I wrote thet reports must be cooperative and you have to create function in each report to send filters for dataitems.
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