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raopriyankaraopriyanka Member Posts: 4
Hi all,

The issue i am facing is very unusual.

I have installed Navision database Server on one system and Navision Client(Minimum) on other system.

The first time when i access the server through client it gets connected,but as soon as the client computer is restarted the access to the server is denied.
I have checked the services of the server and all the possible resolutions like Advanced tab in "Open database".
I am using Databse Server Autheticationn as well.



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    ssinglassingla Member Posts: 2,973
    Dear Friend,

    Try to ping the server from client computer. If there is no responce then it is a networking problem. Then check the net type it might be due to that. Net type depends on the network you are using for connection between server and client.
    CA Sandeep Singla
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    mgillmgill Member Posts: 20
    Hi Priyanka,

    Please tell what is the message that pops up, alsp which OS are u using for your client server connectivity.are you running the database server as services or from the command prompt.

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    raopriyankaraopriyanka Member Posts: 4
    Dear friends thank a lot for the replies but i have tried all these resolutions the server is in proper network with the client...
    Only Navision Client is not accessing the Navision Server.
    I have pinged the server from the client its working absolutely fine.

    I think this must be a fire wall issue..
    Pls reply soon its very urgent.
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    raopriyankaraopriyanka Member Posts: 4
    Hi Manpreet

    I am using Windows XP Professional and i am running the server from the command prompt.

    I have restarted the services several times.
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    ecclecticecclectic Member Posts: 176
    try to disable the firewall on the client?
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    mukesvemukesve Member Posts: 28
    lets try this way -

    1. Run the database server on command prompt
    2. Open the client application on Server machine and try to connect it from there.

    If it works then there is no problem with Datbase Server Setup configration. the problem is with the Network. Ask your admin to check the Firewall and other network settings.

    If it does not than you need to check the infromation that you are specifying while running the server and the information that you are passing while running the client.

    All the best!

    Mukesh :D
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    gulamdastagirgulamdastagir Member Posts: 411
    Always use a static IP for the client on the network

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    vyankuvyanku Member Posts: 791
    Please try this
    In host file insert the IP of the PC and Navision dabase server name
    Follow the same prcess in Client also.
    u will find the host file in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
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