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Q1970Q1970 Member Posts: 34
Hi guys!

Short (and probably simple) question.

I have this Word template with predefined tabs, and I need to "press the tab key" from Navision. What I have is something like....

WrdSelection.TypeText (Item."No.");
WrdSelection.TypeText (Item.Description);

What I guess that I need, is to find a way to spell <Selection.TypeText Text:=vbTab> in Navision between the two lines.

What to do?

Thanks in advance.



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    Captain_DX4Captain_DX4 Member Posts: 230
    Try formating a Char character for TAB. I'm unsure if it will work, but using it in "TypeText" it should.
    charTab := 9;
    Kristopher Webb
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer
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    Q1970Q1970 Member Posts: 34
    Works like a charm. Thanks heaps!

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