The structure of txt file export from Nav through Translate!

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Hi all,

Could anybody please explain me the structure of txt file export from NAV using Obeject Desginer--Tools--Translate--Export? I have figure out some meanings of that but I am not sure!

Does it mean that:

cunny Lee
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  • fbfb Posts: 246Member
    Pnnnn means "Property id", Lnnn means "Max Length of nnn".

    The (localized) name for a "Property id" can be looked up in fin.stx as follows:

    For property id "P8672":

    Step 1) Convert to hex: 8672 decimal = 21E0 hex
    Step 2) Convert hex bytes back to decimal: 0x21 = 33, 0xE0 = 224
    Step 3) Look for a line in fin.stx that begins with 00033-00224...

    00033-00224-030-0: Menu

    Likewise for property id "P8629", you will find

    00033-00181-030-0: CaptionML
  • cunnycunny Posts: 129Member
    That's greate!

    Thank you very much fb :lol: .
    cunny Lee
    MCP - MBS Navision
    [email protected]
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