Implemenation doubts related to Inventory Management

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Hi All,

I just want to know the following details,

- How many items that NAV 4 SP 1 can be handle?
- What is the limit that is there for smooth running of Requsition Worksheet in terms of no. of items, locations etc?
- Will Requisition worksheet calculate plan for 30000 items in 4 locations? How long will it take to Calculate Plan in Requsition Worksheet in this case?

I am not sure whether this topic was discussed before. Forgive me, if discussed. (I have already searched the forum). It will be great if I can get reply from you all or a right direction where I can find the answers?
Thrishna Selvaraj


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    ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256
    Usually company run them overnight. So the next morning it is ready. They run it on server, through NAS.
    As to the load of inventory, I guess end users can put their experience in here, how many inventory they have etc etc.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
    Independent Consultant/Developer

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