Stability of NAV Prod. When I change All Code field 20 to 30

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Dear All,

I would appreciate your early response for the following issue encountered to me after changing the field length of all code fields from 20 to 30 within the entire Navision Std DB.

After the change of the all code field from 20 to 30 I encountered the error “The fields in an active key may not exceed 252 bytes." in the below mentioned tables.

1. G/L Budget Entry (Table Id 96).
2. Analysis View Entry (Table Id 365).
3. Budget Buffer (Table Id 371).
4. XBRL Taxonomy Line (Table Id 395).
5. Warehouse Activity Line (Table Id 5767).
6. Item Budget Entry (Table Id 7134).
7. Item Analysis View Entry (Table Id 7154).

I then reduce the number of fields in these active keys.

Basically I remove the Dimension Code (3rd and/or 4th) field from these entire active key.

At the end entire objects are compiled and major functionality is checked by me and It’s working fine.

I would highly appreciate your response to make me confident and doubtless in knowing that would this will be effect the functionality at later stage.

Can you please let me know that how much will the product be stable and safe with smooth functioning?

Best Regards,
Anup Pratap Singh


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    You must first do some intensive testing (testing ALL functionality that will be used by the customer) with items with nos of 30 chars.
    With this you will find a lot of errors complaining that the destination code/text is not large enough to contain the source code/text. This means that Navision wants to put your 30-char item in a code-field that is only 20 char.
    If you don't do this testing (and even if you do), probably after months that the customer is working, the error will still come up.

    A good tool to help you finding these possible problems is the Navision Developer Toolkit. Load all objects in it. Search with the where-used function on Item."No.". After controlling a problem, you also need to launch the where-used on the fields found by the previous where-used".
    Meaning : where-used on "Item"."No." will find "Item Ledger Entry"."Item No.". You also need to do a where-used on "Item Ledger Entry"."Item No." and so on.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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    krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,090
    BlackTiger wrote:
    Let's God will be with you and your customer... [-o<
    This is maybe a little exagerated :)
    But the base is there : let's hope all works without too many errors coming up when the customer uses it.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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