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JohnConJohnCon Member Posts: 55
Is anyone using the Spellabs navision web based interface? Does anyone have any knowledge of how well it works?

We have a client that has found out about this product and believes it would save them alot in navision licenses.

Does this product work on the US version?

Any help would really be appreciated..

Their demo is at http:\\navisionweb.com


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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    Please note that Navision licensing is based on the number of users, not the number of database connections. If you share one connection with 25 users, that counts as 25 users, even though it only uses one session in the NAV license. I doubt that there is any enforcement for this, but you shold be aware of it and make sure what you want to do is covered by your license.
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    mmaxgonmmaxgon Member Posts: 9
    Hello, we have about 10 installations of web.agent but all of them in Russia. Among companies who use web.agent are consulting company in accounting (www.intercomp.ru), three large car retailers (among them www.irito.ru), large tea distributor(www.maycompany.ru), Russia's largest book shop (www.biblio-globus.ru) and others. There is no problem to have US version on demand.

    The main advantages are:
    - money savings on the client licenses
    - customers, distributors are included in company's information field: they are able to post their orders directly to Navision via web, control progress of services and so on
    - no need for end users to get used to new interfaces: web.agent forms and
    their behavior is totally similar to corresponding Navision forms

    Maxim Goncharov
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