Refreshing a firm Planned Production Order

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Hi all,
Can anybody help me showing an example how the date calculation works and/or updated when a firm planned production order is refreshed.

I use the foll. use-case:-
1. I create a family called TEST.
2. I add some lines to it.
3. I then create a firm planned production Order. The No. is autogenerated
4.I select Source Type = Family, Source No = TEST, Quantity =1 and Due Date = today's date.i.e. 22/09/06
5. I then refresh the Production Order using Functions | Refresh.
6. When refreshing is completed, i observe that production order lines are created which are copied from family lines.
7. However, i see that the Due date of Production Order as well as the lines gets incremented by 1 i.e.:- 23/09/06.
What i didn't understood is why does the date gets incremented by 1 when i refresh the order.

Pls reply ASAP.
Thanx in advance.

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