Should the Jobs granules be used at all?

Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,598
Project-related companies can either use the Jobs granule or just set at a Global Dimension to Job No. and use the "basic" features.

Possible reasons to use Jobs

- Budgeting. Is this kind of budgeting useful at all? Most companies I met want to budget quite different ways. What if you just issue a Sales Quote, with an appropriate Dimension? I think for most companies, you need a customer Budgeting solution, where you can enter a material cost and a labour cost for each task. Dividing them to separate Item and Resource lines is not something most customers need I think. Also, G/L and Item Budgets might prove more useful than this kind of budgeting.

- Resource planning, i.e. project management. As it lacks basic features like Gantt diagrams, I think one could just use MS Project. Actual time posted in Resource Journals and some interface built to MS Project to compare planned/actual times.

- Automatic consumption of purchased Items. Well, I'm not sure it's useful. I think it's more logical to move items to a Job location and consume them later, as later on it might turn out you need a different item etc.

- Recognition posting. Does anybody use it at all? I never understood what it is all about. It's a bit like posting Unearned Revenues etc. at the end of the financial year? Is it hard to done manually with a G/L Journal at the end of the financial year?

Possible reasons to use the basic features with a Global Dimension

- Budgeting can be done with Quotes, printing them pretty etc. Cost can be planned in G/L Budgets and parts be planned in Item Budgets. Really good budgeting features must be custom-built anyway, especially for construction companies where you need to update prices of really lot of items automatically from electronic vendor catalogues.

- Items consumed get their cost adjusted if you consume them with a Journal or with a Shipment. Also, it prints better documents, you can use Warehouse features and so on. Also, you can just move them to a Job location

- Separation of financial and inventory functionalities.

What do you think?


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    andrejsmandrejsm Member Posts: 122
    First two dimensions are used for another purposes, usually. That is why we can use only from third dimension, but input of third dimension is not 'user friendly'.
    You can not easily change dimension in the posted documents, especially if it is third, forth or another dimension.
    But Job have user friendly input in documents and ledgers. And It is more easily to change job no in posted documents.
    There are a lot of addons and solutions which are build on Job granule. If you know how to use job granele, then it is very useful.
    One more problem is that job granule is not included in the essential user.
    Andrejs Muraskins
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    Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    Yes, Job granule in Navision is very useful. We have clients, although just a handful, that are very satisfied with it.

    The reason why recognition is important is because of WIP, Prepayments, and their recognition respectively.

    We use jobs interally as well when we sign up a new customers requiring us to do some projects for them.
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