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ercrmercrm Member Posts: 2
The customer is using a Navision 3.70 license with multiple companies and enough sessions.
The customer have 3 subsidiary companies all of them owned 100% by the customer.
Can the existing license be used in these companies - or is it nescessary to buy the Granule: Subsidiary....?

The users are employed in the subsidiary companies.
It is the same database on the same company (intra)network...
Would appreciate if somebody could inform me - license conditions seem not very precisely on this matter


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    nunomaianunomaia Member Posts: 1,153
    In have to buy a granule for each Subsidiary

    In price explanation
    Subsidiary / each

    This granule grants you the right to provide your subsidiaries with electronic access to your solution. The grant of access only includes subsidiaries of which your ownership exceeds 50%.
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