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hardik_shahhardik_shah Posts: 219Member
Dear All,

Need Help...

can anyone please let me know when will entry goes in the E R-1 table...

where i have to make setup for that ? ? ? ?


  • mgmuthamgmutha Posts: 62Member
    Hi Hardik,

    Refer to Indian Localization manual for details.
    Manish Mutha
  • chengalasettyvsraochengalasettyvsrao Posts: 711Member
    You need to define the Type of Unit = Manufacturer in the E.C.C. No. table.

    Path : Fiancical Management - > Setup - > Excise - > E.C.C.Nos.
  • hardik_shahhardik_shah Posts: 219Member
    Thanks a lot for your reply sir,

    I have done it is working fine....But can u please tell my why only output entry comes
    In E R -1. i have mentioned Excise Bus. Posting Group in Location card.

    Is there any other setup i have to do ? ? ? ?
  • chengalasettyvsraochengalasettyvsrao Posts: 711Member
    Is there any other setup i have to do ? ? ? ?

    According to the Central Board of Excise and Customs the purpose of the E.R. -1 report is: The Monthly return for production and removal of goods and other relevant particulars and CENVAT credit.

    If you have done any Positive adjustments ( Opening Stock)or internal adjustments of stock (Item Journal) or if you do a sales return order this is not included in this report as it is not produced stock. Hence the Opening and Closing balance within the E.R.1 Report may not always match the Inventory value.

    I suggest you need to consult the Excise Department Person of Client to Understand the functionality of E.R.1 and ask him what are all the data should come in this report , then only you will come to know.
  • hardik_shahhardik_shah Posts: 219Member
    Thanks again for your reply sir...

    You're right i have to contact any Senior person from Client Side.
  • kashokkashok Posts: 5Member
    Please help any one !

    i am posting sales invoice by get shipment line after posting invoice no. and date not update in er 1 table field order no. and date.
  • SogSog Posts: 1,049Member
    why would the date need updating?
    It appears the report is required to know the date when the goods were moved, not when they were invoiced.
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  • kashokkashok Posts: 5Member
    process(Ist i create shipment from warehouse
    2nd i create sales invoice by get shipment line from function button )

    because e.r. 1 report based on posting date of invoice.

    if date field not update how to run e.r. 1 report ?
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