Availment excise credit

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Hi Experts,

Can anybody tell me how can I avail excise credit manually in Navision. :D


  • udayrmerudayrmer Posts: 171Member
    Can you please elaborate your question ?

    are you talking about availing credit while payment ?
    Uday Mer | MS Dynamics NAV Techno-Functional Consultant
  • GDA_17111988GDA_17111988 Posts: 13Member
    There are two scenarios :

    1) My client has got SHISS SCRIP which is obtained from the government due to its good export performance.
    According to this SCRIP the credit can be availed but there is no payment to be done to the gonernment.

    2) Secondly if the wrong credit is availed then the credit should be able to be reversed manually.
  • udayrmerudayrmer Posts: 171Member
    From your scenario i would suggest you to Tax journal in General Ledger --> Periodic Activity --> Excise --> Tax Journal

    For More info refer User manual for indian localization
    Uday Mer | MS Dynamics NAV Techno-Functional Consultant
  • GDA_17111988GDA_17111988 Posts: 13Member
    I tried with Tax Journal but still I cannot see the credit which was posted through tax journal :(
  • GDA_17111988GDA_17111988 Posts: 13Member

    I found it. It happens through Tax Journal. We have to click on the 'Excise Charge' fill in the excise record and fill in the BED amount, Ecess amount, SHE cess amount.
    The Account Type is G/L account should be 'Cenvat Credit receivable account'.

    But I dont know what account I should take as Balancing account. Currently I took any random account. \:D/
  • vijay_gvijay_g Posts: 891Member
    You can select same account(Cenvat Credit receivable account' or any other account like opening bal.) to bal. account.
    Vijay Gupta
    Changing the code is last step. Try to change processes first...
  • GDA_17111988GDA_17111988 Posts: 13Member
    Thanks Vijay I will try that...
  • GDA_17111988GDA_17111988 Posts: 13Member
    Hello experts in the light of above scenario can anybody tell me how to revere the excise credit which is wrongly availed.
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