Customer Statement 116 showing 0.00 lines

Ben_DysonBen_Dyson Posts: 9Member
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Hi All

I'm having trouble with the standard NAV Customer Statement report. A lot of the results in the Statement are showing a 0.00 Remaining amount. But I'm wanting to see a list of outstanding Amounts. It doesn't seem to matter what we do with the selection criteria for this it always comes out wrong.

We've been informed this is a problem with standard NAV. Is this correct? If so does anyone have a workaround for this already or willing to pass me an export of your current file?




  • Ben_DysonBen_Dyson Posts: 9Member
    Does no one at least have some advise here :?:
  • ChinmoyChinmoy Posts: 359Member
    This looks like a heavily programmed (lot of code inside) report. "Remaining Amount" printed in the body is a variable (not the field from Cust. Ledger Entry Table) which is populated in the OnAfterGetRecord of DtldCustLedgEntries dataitem. Check the code and you will get to know the flow of the report program logic.

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