Search/replace a boolean field

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I've found this by accident while renaming,renumbering fields

You can't search and replace on a Checkbox

> Export the form with the checkbox to .txt
> Edit the .txt and change ;CheckBox; to ;TextBox;
> Import the .txt and compile

and now you have a Yes/No field and .. search/replace works

I have seen this done without a .txt file too. Please let me know how?


  • mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Posts: 746Member
    hehumm :)

    > in CA/L just add a text field to a form
    > change the source expression to a boolan field
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    In this case i would create a report with the record as the dataitem and set a tableview to change only selected records. After it, you can easily write two line code in OnAfterGetRecord:

    BooleanField := TRUE/FALSE;

    Press Strg+r and run the report. This ist much more effectiv.
  • mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Posts: 746Member
    Yesterday I spend 15 minutes explaning the customer to use ctrl+Home key. Not realising in German this is called Strg+Home. :)
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