The format of the field after exporting to Excel

sunnyksunnyk Posts: 306Member
In of the Report we have used Excelbuffer Table to export report data to excel.
For one the column we have wrote like below,
EnterCell(RowNo,5,Format("Item No."),FALSE,FALSE,FALSE);
and the value of Item No is 5-7056.
Where the function Entercell is like this,
EnterCell(RowNo : Integer;ColumnNo : Integer;CellValue : Text[250];lvBold : Boolean;Italic : Boolean;UnderLine : Boolean
TempExcelBuffer.VALIDATE("Row No.",RowNo);
TempExcelBuffer.VALIDATE("Column No.",ColumnNo);
TempExcelBuffer."Cell Value as Text" := CellValue;
TempExcelBuffer.Formula := '';
TempExcelBuffer.Bold := Bold;
TempExcelBuffer.Italic := Italic;
TempExcelBuffer.Underline := UnderLine;

but in Excel the Value is coming as May-56 instead of 5-7056. Have anybody encountered this type of case.


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