User cannot use objects due to Permissions

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I developed an 'New Application' that runs well on my machine because i use the developer license. My client has two licenses and also have a partner developed 'Requisition Module', I deployed the 'New Application' on the live database and this is what happens:

License 1:
New Application - Works perfectly
Requisition Module - Cannot be opened because of permissions

License 2:
New Application - Cannot be opened because of permissions
Requisition Module - Works perfectly

What do i need to do to make sure all objects Work Perfectly?


  • ChinmoyChinmoy Posts: 359Member
    what is the version? What client are you using? Is this on SQL Server? You may need to check the user setups properly first before you suspect your license..

  • zimworxcodezimworxcode Posts: 53Member
    Thank you for your response. The client uses Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic Client with MS SQL 2008 database. I used the 50000's range. I suspect the license because when i put the developer license and with the Super User Role the application runs perfectly i run. However, which setup should i check?
  • ChinmoyChinmoy Posts: 359Member
    You can check once by Synchronizing all Logins. If that does not work, then probably check the license files.

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    I think this is not a synchronization issue this is a licensed object range issue.
    First you can create a list of the objects you use in your solution then compare this with the free object range in client version. If free range is not enough then you should buy new objects. You can check free object range in the license file.
    Ufuk Asci
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