Question about table code description

gonzy1981gonzy1981 Posts: 156Member
Hi there,
Today I've found out that in the sales lines I can fill up in the field "No." writing the description instead of the "Item Code", :shock: :shock: It's very usefull for the users. NAV translate the description automaticly to the code of that description.

I've created a new table (Table A) and in this new table I'm doing a tablerelation with another new table (Table B) but when I'm writing the descriptión in the table A, there is an error, it's the typical error, there is not any code with this value "Item 123-ft2".

Do you know what i'm doing wrong????


  • babbab Posts: 65Member
    In Table B, for the field you are reffering in Table A, you have to setup the AltSearchField property, just like e.g. in the Customer table for the No. field it's setup as 'Search Description'.
  • gonzy1981gonzy1981 Posts: 156Member
    Yes, =D> =D>

    Thank you!!!
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