Navision EDI and Poland

keedykeedy Posts: 20Member
edited 2012-05-10 in Navision Financials

Does anyone have experience with EDI in Navision with particlar reference to Poland? The issue I have is with the invoices and the requirment that they pick up the previous days exchange rate based on the document date of the invoice.

This is giving particular problem with our site in Poland as depending on the transmission time of document we are getting many invoice that are given the wrong exchnage rate so we need ot go in and void and correct them.

If anyone has some good ideas on how to address this problem I woudl look forward to hearing.



  • ara3nara3n Posts: 9,147Member
    Add an exchange date field to your document and default it based on logic and change the routine that is called with order date and call it instead with Exchange date.
    Or you could at the time of submission update the po with yesterday exchange rate.
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