2 Companies in 1 Database SQL

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Hi Guys,


If i'm going to create 2 companies in 1 NAV DB SQL, what will happen to the posting?
Will the posting of 2 companies will be affected? will the other company lock the other?

Thanks in advance.


  • ChinmoyChinmoy Posts: 359Member

    NAV will create two set of tables for the two companies. So, be assured, there will be no problem with anything even if you create multiple companies in a single SQL database.


  • savedboy08savedboy08 Posts: 16Member
    Thnks Chn.

    So the posting and the speed will not be affected?
  • ChinmoyChinmoy Posts: 359Member
    Not at all!
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    Of course, you may not have tables in common that will be locked during the posting. (With standard NAV this is not the case).
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  • savedboy08savedboy08 Posts: 16Member
    Thanks Kriki
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