Multilanguage Caption on Message Box

kum_g7kum_g7 Posts: 12Member
Hi everyone,

Now I use thai Multi language at NAV2009 R2 classic client, Everything OK except
Cation on Message Box that I cannot cahnge button OK to my language (Thai) (See Picture)
and this problem occcur at Confirm Dialog and Error Dialog too, but in STRMENU Dialog why it can show caption button in thai
I don't know how to chage it?

thank in advance,


  • rhpntrhpnt Posts: 688Member
    Are you saying that if STRMENU is used the "OK/CANCEL" buttons appear in Thai but with MESSAGE or ERROR they appear in English? I can hardly believe that. The caption of those buttons depends on the regional settings of the PC where the NAV client is installed.
  • kum_g7kum_g7 Posts: 12Member
    Thanks for your quickly Reply

    I Capture the STRMenu Picture for you, I wonder about why STRMENU dialog box can change button caption
    to Thai language but why Confirm or Message Dialog cannot ? or If it can do, how?

    PS both Picture Dialog capture from same client and same Database so I don't think the problem is regional setting.

    any Idea, Please shared.
  • rhpntrhpnt Posts: 688Member
    Sorry, no idea. Contact MS support on that.
  • dansdans Posts: 142Member
    Do you really need to change the OK button ? In Japan, we keep the caption as 'OK'.
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  • kum_g7kum_g7 Posts: 12Member
    Because this customer request everything caption in program must be thai,

    if it possible to change it?

  • kinekine Posts: 12,553Member
    It is not possible to change it by you. I think that Microsoft will need to change this...
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  • kum_g7kum_g7 Posts: 12Member
    Thank you for all answer, I will negotiate this with my customer. :)
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