Error In Job Queue Creation

kiran_gkiran_g Posts: 3Member
Hi All,
Good Afternoon.
I tried to create a job in NAS 2009.
When i tried to create the job as REPORT in Object type to RUN, It was Success.
But it was like Code Unit, I got the error message like
The codeunit was called with a Job Queue Entry record. It has no parameters.
I give the parameter string as JOBQUEUE. Plz help to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance,


  • DenSterDenSter Posts: 8,051Member
    You can't just call any codeunit from the job queue, it has to have a job queue entry record as a parameter. You would want to create a new codeunit, with a job queue entry record as a parameter, and then from that codeunit, you run the other codeunit. This way, you can take care of parameters in your own codeunit without having to modify the other one.

    Run the job queue from a NAV client, or turn on the NAS debugger and step through the code. Look at the parameters and how those are passed. Observe, learn, and adjust your code accordingly.
  • Luc_Van_DyckLuc_Van_Dyck WilrijkPosts: 3,624Member, Moderator, Administrator
    kiran_g wrote:
    But it was like Code Unit, I got the error message like
    Please let us know the exact error message.
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  • kiran_gkiran_g Posts: 3Member
    can you please provide an example for creating a sample job for CODE UNIT
    in NAV 2009

    Thanks in Advance,
  • DenSterDenSter Posts: 8,051Member
    It already has examples, take a look in the Job Queue in a Cronus database.
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