Create multiple Microsft Dynamics Application services

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Create multiple Microsft Dynamics Application services
When creating multiple Microsoft Dynamics Application Services you can use this tool to create additional services using the same executables or create new ones. Just complete the necessary fields as indicated and create the new services. It also allows you to remove them by completing the fields indicated. Hope this helps someone.

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  • RogerRoger Posts: 54Member
    The tool looks like easy to learn and easy to use, thanks to the developer :thumbsup:

    why it's requeried to set the company name, the start parameter and the license folder?
    It should be possible to use that tool whithout these restrictions, I mean.
    Many thanks, Roger
  • BEsterhuizenBEsterhuizen Posts: 10Member
    Hi Roger

    The idea was that you can do all the setups from the application and to start and stop the service from it too but ran into some difficulties with the permissions. Will try to make it a bit more setup based.
  • BigBroBigBro Posts: 8Member
    Nice tool.
    Would be nice to have option to uninstall service.

    i.e. to execute the command nassql uninstallasservice,appservername=<application server name>
  • BEsterhuizenBEsterhuizen Posts: 10Member
    i am pleased to know that you find it useful and you can un-install the service by completing the fields and select the remove existing service on the drop down field.
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