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I am using the Sales Quote Archive function for a customer for them to track the quotes that are converted to orders. The problem is that the users have a problem in tracking the quotes because the sales list archive does not have the document no. I believe that this design is used in the RTC and the field cannot be exposed without customization.

1) Why is the document no. not shown in the list form?
2) I tried to get the customer to use the search from Sales Quote Archive form directly but it is not easy as the users cannot see the number of quotes. Moreover, the customer is aware that all the sales module lists all have the document no. except for the sales archive documents.

I know that customization is just a few mouse clicks away but is there a way to handle the search for the archive documents in the list using the standard functionalities.

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Tan Eng Siong


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    1) I do not know the exact reasoning for not having this field in the list. I would recommend adding the field to the list as a customization if it is useful for the customer.

    2) But, if the customer wants to find list items for fields not in the list then in the filter pane you should be able to use the dropdown for the field name and then select the 'All columns' and find the field (and pressing a key will jump to the first field starting with that letter).

    Hope that helps - or am I just misunderstanding your scenario?
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    Jens Møller-Pedersen [MSFT]

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    The scenario is correct but to customize this extra feature is something that I need to raise to my management. My management will then tell me to figure a workaround so I am just trying to preempt the step of thinking for a work around.

    It is not a big issue. Just a troublesome one.

    Thank you,

    Tan Eng Siong
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    Hi everyone

    Found the reason for the design. You are not suppose to be accessing the Archive Quote from the Sales Quote Archive directly. You are supposed to be accessing it from the Interaction Log Entry. Once you are in the Interaction Log Entry, you can then see the document status and then see the archive document or whatever the status the contract is. The list form is suppose to apppear when you are access the archive quote from the Interaction Log Entry form where it will filter the archive document by document no. :)


    Tan Eng Siong
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    That's all folks.
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    You are not suppose to be accessing the Archive Quote from the Sales List Archive directly.
    If you are accessing the Archive Quote from the Sales List Archive then select the Quote in the list ->Related Information ->Line->Card.
    This will open the Archived Sales Quotes which is in very detail.
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