Strange Navision reactions on SQL2000

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We are sometimes facing a problem with performance of retrieving open Purch.Rcp.Lines
in Form 51 Purchase Invoice.

The most of the time it works fine, performance is good, but in some cases (could not identify any logic) Navision begins to read thru all Receipt Lines witouth using the right key set in setcurrentkey.
-I/O in session monitor high for that login

- setcurrentkey is set properly to get shortly the records
- performance can be slow even for a vendor with less receipt lines

Navision 4.3 , SQL2000

Is there any explanation about this ?


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    You should trace on SQL if the correct index is used all the time. When it is slow, it is possible that a wrong index is used.

    Another problem can also be that field 91:"Currency Code" in table 121:"Purch. Rcpt. Line" is a flowfield. This can create a lot of performance problems because there is a filter on that field.
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  • ouredpouredp Posts: 56Member
    Thanks for that reply, :D

    Without currency filter it works well.
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