How to force specific service instance in Task Scheduler in NAV 2017?


Before NAV 2017 we had Job Queue table and in the job queue table it was possible to specify that some tasks must be running on a specific NAV service.
This was quite helpful feature e.g. in the following situations:
  1. Background printing - it was sufficient to configure printers only on one machine and pass the printing jobs via that machine
  2. Different user accessing SQL - if different NAV services had different service users, it was immediately visible in the SQL statements which service owned which request.
  3. Different permissions - it was possible to give different services different system permissions via its Service Account.

With Task Scheduler it seems we are missing the option of forcing specific host and/or service to take care about the scheduled task.
Could anybody please suggest if there is any workaround in which we could force certain tasks to run on specific services?

I am aware only about the following which I do not particularly like:
  1. Fire from Scheduled Task that task on a specific service using Web Services. But then the impersonation would not work :neutral: ...
  2. Use Old Job Queue instead of Task Scheduler.

Any suggestions on how to force specific service instance using Task Scheduler?

Also if you have some in-depth technical explanations on how NAV 2017 task scheduler works with multiple services are welcome. At the moment I take it so that the service to process the scheduled task is chosen somehow behind the scenes. But how that somehow works is less clear to me ...

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